Black & White Friday SALE

Do you love Black Friday shopping? Yeah. Me neither. Hmmm.

Okay. But the HLP Black & White Friday Sale is kind of awesome because you don't have to leave your couch (or get trampled in a human stampede) to get a sweet deal on some black and white photo prints. Click on the prints here for more details and ordering options. Or got to the store to see all the images available. The Black & White Friday Sale prices are good through Monday, November 30.

And check back in the beginning of December (I'm finalizing the designs right now!) to see the new greeting card collections and the 2016 HIRED LENS CALENDAR! It's going to be awesome and a little different than you're standard wall calendar. That's all I'm saying for right now. You just have to come back and see for yourself. They'll be ready to ship just in time for holiday gifting.

Happy weekend, everyone.

Honey Bee
from 30.00

New Prints Available

As promised (and just in time for the holidays) I've got a new batch of prints available for sale. Each print is available in two sizes (one smaller size and one larger, but they're not all the same), is printed on archival photo paper, and ships in a protective sleeve between two sheets of cardboard. Click on the images here to go their individual pages or check out everything in the store. Most of the prints on this site are sold as flat prints so you can choose your own matte and frame, but if you're interested in a mounted, matted, or framed version, let me know what you're looking for here and we can make a plan. And watch for special Black Friday pricing on certain items later this week!

The West
from 50.00


Well, I did it. I joined Instagram. Astute readers and close friends will realize this also means I finally got a smart phone. Yes. True story. No worries though, my number is still precisely the same. I fought this smart phone thing for a while, but you know what? It's actually kind of cool. And so is instagram (except that I really don't understand why so many people are posting photos of their nail's nail polish...I don't get it... are we supposed to be seeing something special about the nail I missing something?...I'm confused). I'm also really enjoying this hashtagging thing. Apparently it's pretty big with the kids these days. I guess all you do is put the # symbol in front of stuff and people think your witty. Seems easy enough.  Anyway, you can follow me on instagram now as "hiredlens". And make sure to check in every Tuesday to see my new weekly addition to #tuesdaytaxidermy. Can you believe no one had used that already? Weird, huh? Enjoy.

Bones of the Land-Online Gallery

Can't make it all the way up to Ashland to see Bones of the Land in person? No worries. You can see it online right here. Or click on the images below to see a larger version of each print.

Bones of the Land-Reception Today!

Do you like art? Do you like science? Do you like when the two meet and at first it's kind of like an awkward middle school promenade where the boys and girls stand against opposite walls of the gym, but then the music builds and Art and Science come together in a magically beautiful breath-taking dance? Yeah, me too. I like it when that happens, too.

So, great. We'll see you this afternoon at 4 p.m. in the Dexter Library for the opening reception of Bones of the Land.

** PLEASE NOTE: There will not actually be any dancing. That was a metaphor. I'm sorry if it was misleading. There will probably be some cookies though. And you can stand by one of the walls and not talk to anyone if you want to. Totally your call. See you there.

How I name files for optimal work flow.

And why no one should all...ever.

I got an e-mail recently asking how I name files and organize folders to archive my photos. It's not the first time someone's asked about that, and as an avid reader of other photo blogs I've seen a lot of posts about similar things: Name your files to optimize work flow, what's the best program for photo sorting?, how to archive your photos.  Some are helpful, most are not.

Over the years I've found good ways of doing things, and bad ways. I've improved my own process and habits to make my work flow more efficient. I've tried this and that. I'm a big believer in sharing information so when someone asks a questions, I'm happy to share what I do. If you really want to know how I number files in a project folder I can tell you. And you, in turn, can fall asleep and drool on your keyboard. That's fine, but to be honest, no one should care at all about how I or Joe McNally or Annie Liebovitz (do you like I how I lumped myself in with that group, pretty sweet huh? You get to do that when you have your own blog) name files. Ever. And here's why: it doesn't make the photos any better.

At the core of these questions (and a lot of other questions I get about photography) is the the underlying notion that there is a right and wrong way to do it. There is a way all the professionals do it and that's what makes them professionals. Let me reveal the big secret: there is no wrong way.

There is only what works for you. And what doesn't. Figure out the difference and stick with the first one. This applies to all kinds of things. Don't like carrying around all kinds of lighting equipment, get good at shooting ambient. Don't like processing images in photoshop, set your profiles to your style and shoot straight to JPG. Don't like telephoto lenses, shoot everything wide. Astounding images have been made in every way you can imagine, and probably some that you can't. Your file names are not your limiting factor.

Want to get better at photography? My best advice is to spend more time shooting the things that you love to shoot. Become obsessed. Then when you're famous, let your assistant figure out how to organize the files.